Child Protection Statements

In this prayer service we are not only saying that we are sorry for our sins. We are also committing ourselves to the correction and renewal of our Church.
We are walking together through a most difficult time for our Church.
With my brother bishops across the nation, I will be dedicating myself to seven days of intensified prayer and fasting.
I wholeheartedly support such a nationwide, bishop-led effort of prayer and reparation, especially leading up to the upcoming bishops' General Assembly.
In compassion for all victims of abuse, and in sympathy for those in the parishes who have worked so hard to stop it from happening again, I share the universal outcry that the culture of the Church must be changed.
The victims are not only the abused children hidden away for years, they are also the faithful among us who have been wounded by revelations of the failure to follow the Charter at the highest levels of our Church leadership.
I agree that Justice requires all of those in Church leadership who knew of these crimes and misconduct be held accountable, morally and legally, for their actions.