University of Dayton Program

The Diocese of Pueblo has initiated an exciting partnership with the University of Dayton to enable people throughout the diocese to take Faith Formation classes via the internet. Catechists, religious education coordinators and anyone interested in learning more about various topics related to the Catholic faith is encouraged to check out this interesting opportunity.

The University of Dayton offers over 60 faith formation courses beginning at six different times throughout the year. Their goal is to support the church’s professional ministry of religious education and faith formation in cyberspace. With many people having access to the internet this method of faith formation has become a popular way for people to learn more about the Catholic faith. Currently over 50 dioceses connect with Dayton to offer faith formation classes to leaders and parishioners in their parishes.

Dayton University is a Catholic Marianist Institution whose mission is to partner with the Church to articulate the faith within the context of contemporary culture. Courses run for three or five weeks. Each course is capped at fifteen participants plus a facilitator. People can take courses from the comfort of their own home or office and can participate in courses at a time suited to their lifestyle and commitments. The amount of time needed to read the material and connect with participants online runs approximately five to seven hours per week during the course itself.

The University of Dayton offers certificates in Catechesis, Youth Ministry, Social Justice, and Adult Leadership Formation in both English and Spanish. However, each diocese is encouraged to select the courses required for the certification of their members. The Lifelong Catechesis Commission is currently working on these levels of certification, which will be published in the near future.

Anyone taking online courses can select from basic, intermediate or advanced levels. These courses at the various levels can be found on the University of Dayton website Being able to select classes according to various interests and at various levels makes this an excellent choice for ongoing education.

The cost is $30 for three week courses and $40 for five week courses. Grant assistance is available. Please feel free to contact Sister Betty Werner for any questions or assistance, 1-800-354-2729 (544-9861 in Pueblo) ext. 114 or