Tuition break for employees of Catholic organizations at St. John Vianney

Tuesday, June 1 at 8:00 AM to Thursday, September 30 at 11:59 PM

Greetings from the Lay Division at the Seminary!

Did you know that all full-time employees of Catholic organizations in the state of Colorado are 100% free tuition for all of our Biblical School, Catechetical School, and Enrichment Courses? That’s right…100% free! That’s $600 off Biblical/Catechetical School classes and $450 off Enrichment Courses. All that is owed is the $25 registration fee. Part-time employees of Catholic organizations are 50% off tuition. This goes for employees of the diocese, Catholic Charities, Catholic school teachers, you name it.  

Don’t know much about the classes that we offer at the Lay Division? Check out our website to read about all that we do: We have something for everybody – classes in Scripture, Catechism, Catholic culture and art, prayer…you name it! You can also CLICK HERE to go directly to our registration page and see all of your options for classes for next year. We have tons of flexibility with options for in person and online learning, as well, so taking a class with us will never be easier!

We sincerely hope that giving a tuition break for employees of Catholic organizations in the state of Colorado can be our way of contributing further to the building up of the Body of Christ. I do hope you take advantage of the tuition break and let me know any questions you may have!

In His Most Sacred Heart,

Daniel Campbell, Director St. John Vianney Theological Seminary Lay Division

Instructor & Curriculum Development

1300 South Steele Street, Denver, CO 80210

Phone: 303.715.3182