Leading to Jesus: Catechetical Principles (session 6 of 7)

Tuesday, November 24 from 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Catechesis is about more than just transmitting facts and ideas, it is about helping people to get to know Jesus and to live a life as His disciple. This 7-part series will look at some of the fundamental principles to keep in mind when teaching the Faith so that that teaching can bear the fruit we would all like it to bear. These sessions will be of benefit for anyone who teaches others about the Faith, i.e., parents, catechists, RCIA team members, youth ministers and core, DREs, CREs, etc.
These sessions will be livestreamed on the Diocese of Pueblo Facebook page and Vimeo page.

Schedule and Vimeo Links:
Oct. 20, 2020 - Christocentricity, Part 1 https://vimeo.com/461540089
Oct. 27, 2020 - Christocentricity, Part 2 https://vimeo.com/461544339
Nov. 3, 2020 - Making Room for the Holy Spirit https://vimeo.com/461547414
Nov. 10, 2020 - You Can't Give What You Don't Have https://vimeo.com/461548919
Nov. 17, 2020 - Disciples Make Disciples https://vimeo.com/461549510
Nov. 24, 2020 - The Catechist is More Important Than the Program https://vimeo.com/461550101
Dec. 1, 2020 - Gradually and In Stages https://vimeo.com/461550499