Strategic Plan

Our Journey to Become The Diocese of The Little Way Begins Here

Vision Statement

We will be a self-sufficient and well-informed diocese, rooted in prayer, with a clear understanding of the teachings of the Church, living a Sacramental life, looking to build the future of the Church in Southern Colorado, sharing our ministries and gifts.

Mission Statement

Catholics of Southern Colorado: missionary disciples of Jesus Christ, evangelizing a diversity of cultures by proclaiming the Gospel, celebrating the Sacraments, and promoting Justice & Charity, in service to the people entrusted to our care.


The Road   
The Little Way of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, our primary patroness, as children of Our Heavenly Father, with complete surrender to and total confidence in His Merciful Love for us. We keep on asking, trying, and trusting!

The Compass   
Our Lady of Guadalupe, co-patroness, and Star of the New Evangelization, guides the Way and serves as our point of reference for how to best follow Jesus as missionary disciples, carrying The Joy of the Gospel to everyone.

The Vehicle   
The Amazing Parish building blocks (A Reliance on Prayer & the Sacraments, A Commitment to a Healthy Organization, A Passion for Evangelization & Discipleship) and leadership principles for teams, scorecards, effective meetings, and The Sunday Experience.

The Fuel
The 4 Levels of Happiness, since the more we “live above the line” with each other at Levels 3 (positive contributions) & 4 (God-centered), the stronger our motivation will be and the further we’ll get together.

The Headlights
The Strategic Plan which includes our Mission, Vision for the next 3-5 years, and Top Goals at this time, sheds light on what are the most important needs, so we can work towards creative and lasting solutions, making sure we’re on the right track.

The Signposts 
The Thresholds of Conversion in Forming Intentional Disciples, ensuring that we’re making progress going from pre-evangelization to trust to curiosity to openness to seeking to letting down our nets and fully committing to Jesus as the only one, true Lord of our lives, in a growing relationship with Him, discerning our spiritual gifts (charisms) and how best to use them in building up the Kingdom of God, as we live out our God-given purpose. 

The Destination