Media Relations

The Office of Communications writes all news releases pertaining to the Diocese of Pueblo. If you are a journalist, please contact Amanda Zurface, Vice-Chancellor. For recent press releases, please click here

For media-related questions regarding:  

Diocesan Office, Parish or School Film shoots

Please send a complete script with filming location, purpose, budget, date and time. All scripts will be kept confidential. 


To request an interview with Bishop Stephen Berg, please include the topic, date and time in your submission.


At the discretion of the Office of Communications, photographs of Bishop Stephen Berg will be provided electronically at no charge to the news media for use in newspapers, magazines, and other publications. 

Sacred Heart Cathedral 

For media-related questions regarding Sacred Heart Cathedral, please include “Sacred Heart Cathedral” in the subject line of your submission. 

All submissions are submitted by using the Office of Communication's web form. Thank you!