The Diocese of Pueblo Communication Tour

The Diocese of Pueblo Communication Tour

The 2020 Communication Tour themed The People in the Pews, The Heroes of the Church (January 25-31) included prayer, presentations, audio-visual, social time, and food. Bishop Stephen Berg was the highlight of the evening speaking on the successes, struggles, and the future of our local Church. The 2021 Communication Tour TBA. 

Livestream from the 2020 Communications Tour

2020 Communication Tour PowerPoint and Handouts

PowerPoint Presentation

Meet the Panel: An overview of Diocesan Initiatives 

How Can I Help My Parish Succeed? (Bulletin Insert)

The 6 Critical Questions (Sample Template) and The Amazing Parish Follow-Up Checklist 

Evangelization Tour Flyers (Option One) (Option Two)

Tips for Crafting Better Emails 

2020 Communications Tour Promotional Materials 

2020 Communication Tour Dates, Times and Locations

2020 Communication Tour Parish Promotional Kit

Livestream from the 2019 Communications Tour