Policy Guidelines and Forms

This section contains the following:
Letter from Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Table of Contents 

Organization and Administration
This section contains the following:
1. Value of Catholic Schools
2. Types of Catholic Schools
3. Types of School Boards
4. Roles and Responsibilities
5. New School Openings
6. Closing a School
7. Establishment, Expansion or Elimination of School Programs
8. School Handbooks
9. Academic Calendar and Length of school day
10. Closure due to weather or facility conditions
11. Emergency Procedures
12. School Buildings
13. Grievance Procedures
14. Home Schooling
15. Engaging Speakers 

This section contains the following:
20. Admission
21. Immunization
22. Student Attendance
23. Child Custody issues
24. Supervision of Students
25. Reporting child abuse and/or neglect
26. Accidents and illness at school
27. Medications given at school
28. Contact with students during school hours
29. Searches of students and schools
30. Student Files
31. Access to Student files
32. Release of student permanent files
33. Subpoena of records
34. Media Policy
35. Release of student directory information
36. Discipline
37. Suspension
38. Expulsion
39. Student Harassment
40. Tobacco, Alcohol and other Drugs
41. Student Withdrawal
42. Student Transfer on grounds of parental behavior
43. Off-Campus Misconduct
44. Infectious and/or Communicable Diseases

This section contains the following:
50. Equal employment opportunities
51. Certification
52. Lifestyle policy for Catholic Educators
53. Contracts
54. Salaries
55. Benefits
56. Professional Behavior
57. Drug and Alcohol use
58. Dallas Charter for the Protection of Children and Youth
59. Safe Environment Program
60. Background Checks
61. Code of Conduct for teachers, staff and volunteers
62. Personnel files - kept at local schools
63. Personnel files - kept at diocesan school office
64. Evaluation of teachers
65. Principal evaluation
66. Interview and Selection of Principals
67. Religious Certification for Catholic School Teachers 

This section contains the following:
80. Curriculum - Instructional Program
81. Subject, Time Allotments
82. Textbooks and resources to support the curriculum
83. Religious Programs
84. Sacramental Preparation
85. Field Trips
86. Email and Internet use
87. Political Issues
88. Reporting of Student Progress
89. Parent-Teacher Conferences
90. Testing Program
91. Retention of Instructional Records

This section contains the following:
100. Budget Preparation
101. Tuition
102. Fundraising Projects and Revenue
103. Retaining Financial Records
104. Donations, Grants and Endowments

Federal & State Regulations
This section contains the following:
110. Administration of Federal Government Programs
111. Statement of Non-Discrimination
112. State Regulations of Private Schools 

Appendix A
Board Members Code of Ethics, Consensus Model and Evaluation Tool

Appendix B
School Handbook Checklist

Appendix C
Emergency Sheet, Release and Consent Form 

Appendix D
Educational Records and Parental Rights

Appendix E
Photographic and Interview Release

Appendix G
Diocesan Contract

Appendix H
Salary Guidelines

Appendix J
Diocese of Pueblo Sexual Misconduct Complaint Forms

Appendix K 
Diocesan Background Screening Policy

Appendix L
Teacher, Staff and Volunteer Code of Conduct

Appendix O
Field Trip Authorization Form

Appendix P
Colorado Child Safety Seat and Seat Belt Laws

Appendix Q
Internet Policy and Consent Forms

Appendix R
Speaker Request Form

Appendix S
Retaining Financial Records

Appendix T 
Retaining Financial Records